P.O.S.E.R. Is a independent punk rock wrestling adventure growing from Slam Diego, Ohio. Our aim is to mix knee slapping humor with thigh slapping action! It is very self aware, and bringing the fun and bizarre back to professional wrestling. The entertainers are trained and serious in our love of the sport, but we also want to bring back the absurd... Evil wizards, teeny boppers, sentient chimpanzees, and rejected Tinder dates settling their differences in the squared circle! 


"Local Man" Big Bad Gav grew up in [local town], the son of [local teacher] and [local salesman], where he lead his team to state championships in [popular event] for [local high school]. Now, Gavin fights to prove he is the toughest son of a gun in [local planet] by taking on anyone who gets in his way. 

The hottest rising star in P.O.S.E.R., Shawn Phoenix burst onto the scene with a competitive spark like we've never seen. Nothing makes his blood boil more than people trying to tell him what to do. Mess with Shawn Phoenix, and you're going to get burned. 

Tag team wrestling is an art form all of its own, and no one knows this like HARD AND HARRY! The toughest dudes this side of the snack aisle... They will steal the win and then your lunch money.

Legendary in the Division 1 High School Pro Wrestling scene... Jokewood, Ohio's own Jock Taylor has his record expunged and is ready to strap on the head gear and shut some mouths.

A being of mischief from the swamps of New Orleans, Babe Yaga is a spirit of chaos who's desires are adding the POSER championship to her trophy case.. Along with the organs and souls of anyone who crosses her and her secret shadow warrior!

The son of a human sign language interpreter and a simian colonel in the Royal Gorilla Air Force, Bananas Foster left his uptight home at a young age to see the world. With an attitude that reflects his nearly flawless detective resume, he's drawn to POSER with a fresh lead on the one case he could never crack...

Dan Taylor: With the great responsibility of Gran Jefe III comes the rotten great bank account of Taylor. When not using his check book to influence decisions in the board rooms, he's using it to make sure his son Jock (acquitted of all charges) Taylor has a prime spot in the POSER roster. 

Gracing YouTube with his grandeur and tutorials... Beautiful Bradley has all the tips on staying gorgeous. Step 1: Don't be ugly! Step 2: GLITTER! To learn step 3, step into the ring, cause class is in session! 

Principal owner and CEO of POSER: Gran Jefe III. He is very savvy and comes from a strong lineage of business luchador. He is a noble human who's bookings and dealings strive to be fair, and give a fighting chance to all the competitors in the Poserdome

Sick and tired of the "flippy doos" and "jumpy crap" in professional wrestling... Vance Candido is here to put someone in a 3 hour sleeper hold! It's not how you play the game to Vance, it's how you win it.

The commentary team of Iggy Bukowski and Chomps McDonelly call the action the way they see it... Through a hangover on a small monitor in the back! Investigative journalism, hard hitting play by play, and the best bromance since Sanford and son!

The feral female of the Kalahari, HONEY BADGER follows a specific set of do's and don'ts... DO: Bite, kick, and win. DON'T: Give a F@$K about anything but biting, kicking, and winning

What happens when an immovable object meets an unstoppable force? They team up to form the juggernaut tag team LOCKED AND LOADED! Can anyone reason with them? What are their demands?! The only sure answer is the POSER tag team division will never be the same!

THE GAVEL, David Lawless Esq. he will break opponents and STILL sue them for damages, and he's bringing his brand of legal finesse to the POSERDOME!

Now that those other guys are off the air, let's talk about the REAL beast. The REAL lunatic! THE REAL LITTLE MISS BLISS! Ladies and gentleman... LEWIS. THE. NERD. Remember the name!

The POSER lack of directors met for brunch today. When we came back this name was written in the roster books in what appeared to be HUMAN BLOOD?! It was actually syrup... But who is the mysterious Remy? What does he want? Who will he challenge in the POSERDOME?!

The Apex of Combat... Lee Moriarty hails from, trains, and works in his sensei Leeroy Green's Pizza Shop. Searching the country for the best has taken him everywhere. Now searching for the rest has brought him to POSER.

Nephew of the CEO, El Refe is the POSER referee, janitor, maintenance, delivery boy, stenographer, French teacher, and anything else that should come necessary. His college essay will be as epic as the in ring action he officiates!

Move over ...dive, the real talent of POSER is the golden voice of our ring announcer: the mega babe with a megaphone MICHELLE HOLLY!